Get more for your money transfer.

Looking for the best international money transfer platform? We offer secure transfers at rates far cheaper than the banks.

We make international money transfer easy.

1. Create your free account.

Sign up for a free BFX Money Transfer account online or over the phone in minutes.

2. Choose your transfer amount.

Select the currencies you want to transfer between, and choose the amount you would like to send

3. Add your recipient’s bank details.

Let us know your recipient’s bank details so we can transfer the funds securely

4. Verify your identity.

For your safety, we will verify your identity. This is done by simply sending us a copy of any formal identification you hold. 

5. Make your transaction.

Make payment for your transaction directly from your bank account, debit card or credit card.

6. Track your money transfer.

Once the payment is made, your recipient will securely receive their payment in no time. Now it’s time to think about how you will spend the money you have saved using the best international money transfer service available.

Why is BFX Money Transfer the best international money transfer service available?

Best Rates

We offer exchange rates that are far cheaper than the banks, leaving more money in your pocket

Real Support

We are based here in Australia and we offer friendly over the phone support whenever you need it. We make transferring your money overseas a breeze. 


Our transfer process is secure, ASIC regulated and we have a team dedicated to ensuring we are up to date with the latest cybersecurity practices. 

Transfer your money the smart way

Money transfer for individuals

Low fees that are transparent and easy to understand.

Sign up in minutes using our BFX platform.

Calculate the amount to be received  including the service fee if its applicable.

Secure the cheapest exchange rate and the lowest transfer fee to over 200 countries.

Your recipient will securely receive your money transfer in no time.

International business payments

Are you exporting or importing?

BFX Money Transfer is the best way to securely pay overseas suppliers and contractors.

Capitalise on overseas business opportunities. Allow our expert team to help you transfer with the rest of the world.

Save substantially on bank margins and fees when trading with BFX.


Foreign exchange service

Secure the best exchange rate and make your AUD go further every time.

Foreign exchange rates updated daily.

Secure the best price against the AUD.

We use the latest FOREX technology to make sure we offer you the best international money transfer service available.

Together we can access the world

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