Transfer your money quickly, securely and at the best rate possible

In a world that’s never been more connected, transferring your money between currencies should be easy.

At BFX Money Transfer, we help people send, receive and exchange currencies all around the world. We save people money, and for sure, we make transferring money easy.

Transfer your money the smart way

Money transfer for individuals

Really low fees that are transparent and easy to understand.

Sign up in minutes using our BFX platform.

Calculate the amount to be received  including the service fee if its applicable.

Secure the cheapest exchange rate and the lowest transfer fee to over 200 countries.

Your beneficiary will receive your funds fast and secure using the ability to send /receive funds globally.

International business payments

Are you exporting or importing?

BFX Money Transfer is the appropriate payment method solution for your  business, the money transfer is fast and secure.

Capitalise on overseas business opportunities. Allow our expert team to help you transfer with the rest of the world.

Save substantially on bank margins and fees when trading with BFX.


Foreign exchange service

Get more for your Australian Dollars every single time. We ensure you get the best rate.

Foreign exchange rates update daily.

The best price against the Australian dollar.Travel Money Card offered, best way to carry your funds safely.

We’ve combined technology with a vast Forex service knowledge to offer our best services.

Together we can access the world

Make your money go further with each transfer

Cheapest rates and low to no fees charges

  • Competitive rates & fees – live market
    rates for the cheapest transfer. 
  • Open a single account and send money anywhere in the world.
  • There are no registration fees required. Enjoy the lowest fees as you send money to your loved ones.

Specialize and kind support

  • Support from friendly experts – specialised support from real people.
  • Your business gets a dedicated service rep- like a personal Forex concierge.
  • Automated regular international payments, simply schedule and add to your platform.
  • Your international payments often arrive within two business days.

Global and trustable services

  • Worldwide security – securely transfer
  • Your money within 24 – 48 hours.High level of security
  • BFX Money Transfer enables you to remit payments to your global online customers.
  • We accept over 200 currencies, the highest level of security on the market.

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