BFX Money Transfer,
Cross border Payments

Transfer money internationally, easily and fast with our affordable and reliable money transfer services.


High level of security

BFX Money Transfer enables you to remmit payments to your global online customers. We accept over 200 currencies,  the highest level of security is guaranteed; our system checks each transaction to make sure you are protected from fraud.

The setup is quite easy and straightforward.

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Send money internationally

Are you looking the cheapest way to send funds back home, shop online? BFX money transfer puts the world on the palms of its hands.

Open a single account and send money anywhere in the world. There are no registration fees required. Enjoy the lowest fees as you send money to your loved ones.

With BFX you can either send money online or in person.


Are you exporting or importing?

BFX Money Transfer is the appropriate payment method for your export sale. The money transfer is fast. Pay your buyer on time and in full.

To pay for imported good all you need to is to transfer money from your bank to your BFX account, then send to the recipientʼs BFX account.