The BFX Money Story

At BFX Money Transfer, we help people and businesses easily send money across the globe. We believe in keeping people connected. Connected with the rest of the world, and connected to their next opportunity.

The BFX Money Story

In 2007, co-founders Murilo Barreto and Silvia Costa ran an import business. The pair constantly dealt with unreasonably high bank fees and wildly expensive exchange rates. Knowing there was a better way, as a result the pair founded BFX Money Transfer to help people just like them easily transfer money at a fair price. For instance bank charge a lot of overseas transfers. We do not. Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with our low cost fees and fast and reliable service.

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How BFX works
and why you will love it.

See our live rates for the currency you need. We often provide the cheapest rates on the market in comparison to our competitors.

Complete your registration by uploading the required ID and membership details. It’s a simple process that ensures the safety of your money and personal details.

Make your transaction and the money will be transferred. If you require further assistance, our friendly support staff will be ready to help anytime.

The money will then be in your account within 36 hours or less. Safe, and at the cheapest rate possible.

And the story goes on and on...

With our worldwide team working around the clock, BFX Money Transfer is the first option for thousands of people who want to transfer their money easily, and at the best rate possible.


Send money in less than 24 hrs. Available 24/7 Best Ways to Send Money Internationally.


Transfer up to 2 billions, online bank transfer or wire transfer. Our customer service team are always here to help.

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Your security with each transfer is important to us, and we will diligently follow the industry regulations and updates.

We love our platform, but we always want to improve!

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