Premium Forex Account

Available to same account holders and beneficial only

BFX Money Transfer

At BFX Money Transfer, we help people and businesses easily send money across the globe. We believe in keeping people connected. Connected with the rest of the world and connected to their next opportunity.

There is nothing worse than realizing that your hard-earned cash has been pilfered and there is no one available at the company to help you. That is why we formed BFX Money Transfer to help our clients with safe transactions worldwide. We offer a wide range of services from making online payments to currency exchange. Our mission is to help businessmen and people to send their money across the globe without any difficulty of having their personal information stolen

Let me introduce you to our white label company

Local​: Global Prime is a 100% Australian owned and operated financial services provider.

Regulated​:  regulated under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Technically sound​: specialised in low latency connectivity to tier-1 bank liquidity and ECNs.

Reputation​:  strong reputation for transparency, integrity, and ​Fairtrade​ across all products.

BFX Money transfer and Global prime are working together offering premium forex accounts, a secure exchange via low-cost interbank prices, bringing a premium product to our clients, the process to open your account is easy, please follow guidance below

1. Sign up to BFX/ Global Prime, Premium International FX payments via
Login to Premium Forex Account

3. You’ll need:
     1 x photo ID (passport or license)
     1 x proof of address (bank statement/utility bill issued within 3 months)
4. Next, an email will confirm physical FX (currency exchange) is now available
5. Login to, to accept the terms and conditions.
6. Funding details will be sent to your email address. You can fund at any time

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