How To Send Money And Avoid Scammers

If you’re looking to save when you transfer money to a foreign currency, it’s best that you stop transferring with the bank. While trading with the banks may seem convenient, they often charge on average a 5% markup on the live-exchange rate, which adds up fast, particularly if you transfer regularly.

Also, the banks and most of the big-name currency providers will still charge a transfer fee of around 30 dollars on top. So while the process may be straightforward with your bank, you could be leaving money on the table, every time you transfer currencies.

So, what’s the best way to transfer you ask?

Well, in our bias (yet accurate, at least we are honest) opinion the future of transferring money lies with specialist international money transfer providers, like us…

We have a very clear purpose here at BFX – we provide people with a simple money transfer service, at rates far cheaper than the banks.

We save you money on every currency transfer, which you can do with your free BFX online account in minutes, or over the phone with our friendly staff.

We help businesses that trade internationally retain more money for their bottom line – we help expats make the most of their journey abroad – and we help travellers maintain more savings so they can experience memories they’ll hold onto for a lifetime.

If you would like to know more about us here at BFX, or if you’re ready to transfer your money, you can get the ball rolling here – our friendly team will be in touch shortly, with no obligations.

Here’s to simple currency transfers at rates far cheaper than the banks.

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