Money Transfer for Individuals- Australia.

All too often, we hear stories from our clients who opted to exchange their currency with the banks, only to be burnt by exorbitant exchange rates and fees.

It’s a challenge to understand all these fees, and it doesn’t help when all the relevant information you need to know isn’t presented clearly.


Often for travellers, exchange rates are a massive, unplanned for expense – if you’re off to Europe for example, every time you transfer money with your bank, they will take out a fee. Throughout a journey abroad, these payments add up and can blow even the most generous budgets out of the water.

We know the world doesn’t (shouldn’t…) revolve around money, and it’s not the only factor towards a great trip, but a healthy bank account, while you’re travelling, is vital.

Knowing this, we see a fantastic opportunity to expand our services to cater to individuals. For two years now we’ve been guiding businesses through the currency exchange process, saving them thousands and handling the array of compliance issues that often arise so they can focus on what’s important.

Going forward, BFX Australia will now cater to individuals, saving them money, and more importantly time on their foreign exchange needs. We know the service needs to be simple, and our team are here to guide our jet-setters through the process here and overseas. We are super excited to help travellers and anyone transferring money abroad – it’s only a small part of their journey, but the money we can save should go a long way!

If you’re looking to exchange your currency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us :).

Murilo Barreto – CEO.


Level 23, 52 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000


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