Paying Overseas Suppliers

Use our secure online platform to pay your international suppliers online. We are experts in sending money across borders. Make cost effective and fast International payments with BFX Money Transfer.

What we offer to your business


International Invoice Payments. B2B Transfers.


Transfer up to 2 billions, online bank transfer or wire transfer.


Send money in less than 24 hrs, spot rate transfers.


Frequently the best rate in the market.International business to business payments.


Available 24/7 Best Ways to Send Money Internationally.


High security system, regular international payments.

B2B International Payments.
The world has changed and instantaneous is the new fast.

From small boutiques and e-commerce stores, logistics companies to startups and agencies you don’t need to pay extra to trade internationally,  check our rates per country you will save big when paying an international invoice or sending money online.

BFX was built to save your money every time you make a transaction overseas. You know your money is safe.

International supplier Payments!
If you need to pay an international invoice online, use BFX Money to save big on exchange rate margins and fees.

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