What is IBN?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. The number is used to identify someone’s bank account, the bank they use, and the country they’re from. Your IBAN allows the process of transferring money to another currency and country easier and faster.

The number is used mainly in the European Union, so it’s especially important if you’re looking to transfer money to a European country.

You might be thinking, do I always need an IBAN?

The short answer is no. Not all countries require an IBAN, and we do our best to make sure you don’t need to worry about sourcing any required codes.

But if you need your IBAN, here’s how to find it.

Your latest bank statement should have your IBAN on it. Otherwise, a call to your bank or a look on their online App or website should detail the required code.

At BFX, we’re here to help you through the process of transferring money. Whether it be via your free BFX online account, which you can sign-up for here, or over the phone with our friendly staff, we’re here to make transferring currency easy.

And as always, we offer a far better exchange rate than the banks.

We hope this was helpful, here’s to simple currency exchange.

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